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Company profile
Guangxi Nanshan Porcelain Co., Ltd which formerly traded under the name of Guangxi Rongxian Lingshan Porcelain factory; was founded as a joint venture with QiNan trading company of HK in Aug 1991. The main product is safe for microwave oven with trade mark “Zhenwu”. There are the Chinese, western, Korean, Japanese style dinner-set; tea-set, and individual porcelain ware with under glaze decoration.

It own more than 8.5million property, Advance technique facilities and have about 1300 employees of whom 108 are professional technicians. Output is about 200,000pcs a day. The bowl size is 97mm to 178mm, the plate size is 6” to 7”, and Chinese dinnerset from 10pcs to 52pcs. The design is fashionable and customize. The production and product are safe to the health and environment, meeting industrial standards, and contain no lead and cadmium.

The 60% product with trade mark “ Zhenwu” are exported to Aisan Europe and American region through the GuangxiTancheng harbor, Dongxing harbor, PingQian port, Guangzhou and Shenzhen Ports, and so on. The 40% product is sold to domestic market, Mainly Guangdong province, LiaoDong Island, east and west three provinces etc.

Company objective and honors
Our prime objective is production of products quality. We believe in being honest and loyal to our user and consumers, further more we aim to adapt and satisfy to all market and our customers demand.

Since 1992, our product quantity and quality is increasing, award the license of Guangxi product quality export, to become the leader of Guangxi technical company. It was advance village enterprise of region; also be called the oversea money change rate creating of Guangxi Village Business Enterprise system.
In 1994, awarded the first Golden Border Trading exhibition of China Practical Technique Product;
In 1997, to get the high-quality product title of Guangxi;
In 2001, to be give the Famous Brand of Chinese Market by the Graduate school of Chinese technical director intelligencer.
In 2002, passed the ISO9001:2000 version quality management system attestation;
In 2003, acquired the Commitment unit title of quality and service by Chinese quantity inspect association.
In 2004, to get the honor is the Famous brand of Guangxi;
In 2005, to be give the Certification of China Good Quality Product and the quality guarantee certification for seriate fives years’ by the China industrial product quality management guarantee association.
And awarded the “CNCA”, The Manufacturer Certificate for Ceramic Tableware Exported to the United States in Nov, 2005.
We welcome you to contact us; business co-operation will bring forth mutual benefit and development.

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Addreess:Rongxian ,Yulin City, Guangxi Province,China
TEL:86-0775-5617088 FAX:86-0775-5617089
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